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Celestron - C10-NGT Newtonian Reflector Telescopes

Model#: 11048

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Manufactured by: Celestron


Newtonian Reflector telescopes like the C10-NGT from Celestron are often praised for there light gathering power due to the mirrors. In the case of the C10-NGT, the light gathering power is 1317x more than the human eye! This is roughly 178% more light gather power than the 6" model. With the parabolic mirrors, there is great contrast throughout the whole field of view. With a fast focal ratio of f/4.72, this Newtonian is quite good for observing deep sky objects.

The CG-5 Equatorial Mount features setting circles and slow motion controls for assisting in adjusting right ascension and declination. The internal precision worm gears are excellent for stability along with the larger lens that create more stable positions. When of the best alignment features called the All-Star Polar Alignment is included in the CG-5 Mount. By slewing and centering alignment stars, the software can calculate how much altitude and azimuth needs to be adjusted to precisely align the mount to the north celestial pole. This is a great alignment procedure to use for astro-imaging. Using the NexStar Computer Control technology, the observer has over 40,000 celestial objects to choose from after properly aligned and information on over 200 of those. If the user wants to control the telescope with their PC computer, the RS-232 port on the hand controller will enable this. The autoguider port is also included for astrophotography. For astronomers that want to get knowledge of the night sky, Celestron has also included the SkyX First Light Edition Astronomy Software with purchase of the C10-NGT Newtonian Reflector.

  • 10 inch aperture
  • Newtonian Reflector Optical Tube
  • f/4.72 focal ratio
  • 9x50 finderscope
  • CG-5 Mount









Product Series

The Advanced Series family of computerized GoTo telescopes was designed to offer the novice or more advanced user a selection of models with the features and quality that serious amateurs can appreciate.  These scopes come on heavy-duty computerized German Equatorial mounts with ultra-sturdy 2" stainless steel legs and center tray for superior rigidity and vibration dampening.

Additional Information

Name Celestron - C10-NGT Newtonian Reflector Telescopes
Manufacturer Celestron
Model 11048
Accessory Tray Yes
Alignment Procedures AutoAlign, 2-Star Alignment, Quick Align
Angular Field of View 0.83°
Aperture 254 mm (10 in)
CD ROM "The Sky Level 1"
Communication Ports RS-232 communication port on hand control
Computer Hand Control Double line, 16 character Liquid Crystal Display; 19 fiber optic backlit LED buttons
Counterweights 3-11 lbs
Database 40,000 objects, 100 user defined programmable objects. Enhanced information on over 200 objects
Eyepiece 1 20 mm (0.79 in)
Finderscope 9x50
Focal Length 1200 mm (47.24 in)
Focal Ratio 4.72
Magnification 1 60 x
Mount CG-5 Equatorial
Optical Tube Length 45 in (1143 mm)
Power Supply Car Battery Adapter
Resolution (Dawes) 0.46 arcsec
Resolution (Rayleigh) 0.55 arcsec
Secondary Mirror Obstruction 2.3 in (58.42 mm)
Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Area 5.3 %
Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Diameter 23 %
Software Precision 24 bit, 0.08 arcsec calculation
Tracking Modes EQ North and EQ South
Tracking Rates Sidereal, Solar and Lunar
Tripod 2 inch Stainless Steel