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APM - Herschelwedge / Solarprism 1.25 "

Model#: 10013

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Manufactured by: Amateur Prazisionsoptik Mechanik (APM)

APM - Herschelwedge / Solarprism 1.25 "


Herschelwedges/Solarprisms designed by APM Telescopes for high resolution photo-visuel work with refractors and shiefspieglers.

Warning: Never use the Herschelwedge in Catadioptric Telescopes like Schmidt Cassegrain or Maksutov Cassegrain. The heat entering the front will damage your internal baffling and after time the mirrors coating.

Middle of last century Carl Zeiss sold such herschelwedges and since many years they are available in 2" size from Baader Planetarium in Germany, used by scilled solarobservers. The Herschelwedges are beeing used like an normal Stardiagonal at the rear of your telescope in the focuser. All 100% Solarlight enters this diagonal , than 95% of the energy goes out at the bottom side which is protected at both sides with metalcovers that you don't burn your dress. 5" of the energy, still hot and strong enough to damage your eyes , leaves the prism and is finaly blocked to 1:100,000 of the energy by an highest quality filterset from BW-Schneider/Kreuznach in Germany. For general photo-visual uses we recomment the set of 1 pc ND3.0 and 1 pc Polarizing filter. This filterset is screwed into your eyepiece barrel. By lossening the eyepiece holder clamp, you can rotate the eyepiece. Since the filters are sitting on the bottom of the eyepiece holder, they rotate against each other automaticle which supplies the best brightness. Many customers asked us about problems for the human eye by using Herschelwedges. In Germany we have strong medical laws and Herschelwedges have been prooved to be trouble free for the human eye, if they are used as recommented. The bad wavelenght are blocked enough to provide security for your eyes.

Additional Information

Name APM - Herschelwedge / Solarprism 1.25 "
Manufacturer Amateur Prazisionsoptik Mechanik (APM)
Model 10013