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Century Optics - 58mm +2.0 Achromatic Diopter

Model#: 0AD-5820-00

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Manufactured by: Century Optics


Magnification: +2
Thread Size: 58mm

Century Precision Optics' advanced line of Achromatic Diopters provides video zoom lenses with more close-up range and magnification, while maintaining zoom capabilities without compromising image quality.

Common single element diopters permit focusing at close camera-to-subject distances at the expense of image clarity. Instead, Achromatic Diopters feature two highly corrected glass elements which minimize chromatic aberration and distortion.

These diopters also feature a hard anti-reflective coating. This dramatically reduces light loss and flare while helping to further ensure proper color, contrast and overall image quality.

Diopter Use

An Achromatic Diopter is essential whenever it is necessary to focus tightly on a small subject with a long lens - in tabletop, miniature and flat field photography.

Reduced working distance offers a range of shooting possibilities. Exceptionally crisp videography of small objects like jewelry or computer chips is now possible. A variety of industrial applications are made simpler, including remote, high-magnification visual inspection of hard-to-reach objects and manufacturing processes. For example, a camera and lens equipped with an Achromatic Diopter might be used to get an extremely accurate close-up view of signatures moving through a printing press.

Without Century
.Achromatic Diopter

With Century
.Achromatic Diopter


Additional Information

Name Century Optics - 58mm +2.0 Achromatic Diopter
Manufacturer Century Optics
Model 0AD-5820-00