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Orion - 5x Highlight Barlow, 1.25 "

Model#: 08747

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Manufactured by: Orion

Orion - 5x Highlight Barlow, 1.25 "


- Premium, high-power barlow lenses increase the magnification of any eyepiece by 5x
- Ideal for high-power lunar and planetary viewing, and solar system imaging with a webcam
- Five-element lens design renders optically flatter, sharper images than standard barlows
- Fully multi-coated optics for high light throughput; glare-threaded barrels for superior contrast
- Non-marring compression ring secures eyepieces in place. Requires no added in or out focus travel

When you need to crank up your telescope's magnifying power, do it with a premium-quality Orion HighLight Barlow. You'll get power to burn, plus other optical benefits that make them a must-have accessory for your observing arsenal.

HighLight barlow lenses provide either 3x or 5x amplification, depending on the model - more than the 2x amplification factor of standard barlows. They're ideal for lunar and planetary observation, and for planetary imaging in combination with a solar system camera or webcam. They're also great for extending the effective focal length of short-tube telescopes, to give them more magnifying power. The 3x HighLights (1.25 and 2") triple the power of any telescope eyepiece they are used with; the 5x HighLight (1.25") provides a five-fold boost - it's Orion's most powerful barlow yet! Using a HighLight barlow in combination with long focal-length eyepieces to achieve high magnification offers the benefits of better edge sharpness and eye relief than you'd get using shorter focal-length eyepieces without the barlow.

Orion HighLight barlows employ a sophisticated 5-element lens configuration engineered to render optically flatter, sharper images than standard barlows can render. The lenses are fully multi-coated to ensure high light throughput, and their edges blackened for improved contrast. The machined aluminum, anodized barrels are also blackened inside and glare threaded to prevent internal reflections. A non-marring compression ring secures the eyepiece in place. Slotted barrels prevent accidental slip-outs, and dual rubber grip bands on the housing ensure easy handling. HighLight barlows require no additional inward or outward focus travel.

For a serious power pop with uncompromising performance, get a premium Orion HighLight barlow. Then get ready to say "Whoa!" One-year limited warranty.

Product Specifications:

Barrel size 1.25"
Magnification factor 5
Coatings Fully Multi-coated
Number of elements 5
Filter threads No
Clear aperture 12mm
Compression ring Yes
Weight (oz.) 5.40
Height 5.3 in.
Warranty One year

Additional Information

Name Orion - 5x Highlight Barlow, 1.25 "
Manufacturer Orion
Model 08747