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Meade - #904 25 Piece Slide Set


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Manufactured by: Meade

Meade - #904 25 Piece Slide Set


 The Meade #904 25-Piece Prepared Slide Set has a great assortment of interesting biological specimens.

  • Slides feature everything from a bee's kness to bacteria!

  • The Meade #904 25-Piece Prepared Slide Set are for use with Meade or any other brand microscope.

  • Includes assorted specimens on carefully prepared glass slides, in a plastic storage case.

Meade #904 25-Piece Prepared Slide Set

Meade #904 25-Piece Slide Set. This set of 25 exciting prepared slides includes fascinating biological specimens. Your microscope will be your companion as you view the slides in a hidden realm of unimagined detail and wondrous structures. Great gift idea for a microscope fan. 
Includes assorted specimens on carefully prepared glass slides, in a plastic storage case. Exact specimens will vary and will include items such as plant and animal cells, bacteria and sections of arterial/vein structure. An inventory sheet is included cataloging each slide. 
The slides in this kit are for use with Meade or any other brand microscope. For best observing results with any microscope it is recommended to begin at lower powers, progressively increasing to higher magnifications.

Meade #904 25-Piece Prepared Slide Set includes...

  • Hemerocallis citrina mature anther (The tip of a lily stamen which holds the pollen)

  • Lilium brownii ovary (Portion of a lily in which seeds reside )

  • Planaria gonocephala (The reproductive system of a flatworm)

  • Apis thorax - foot (Tissue from the throat and foot of a bee)

  • Multiple squamous epithelium (Multiple layered, scale-like tissue)

  • Loose connective tissue (Flexible connecting tissue which supports other tissues and organs)

  • Adipose connective tissue (Fatty connective tissue)

  • Gallus domestica blood smear (Blood smear of a chicken)

  • Striated muscle (Voluntary muscle tissue typified by parallel cylindrical fibers)

  • Smooth muscle separate (Spindle shaped, contractile involuntary muscle tissue)

  • Lingua Is. show papillae filiformes (Elevations on the surface of the tongue)

  • Nerve cell (the components of a neuron)

  • Bacteria - smears of the three morphological types: Type 1: cocci, Type 2: bacilli, Type 3: spirilla

  • Penicillium (A fungus of family Moniliaceae, which when purified becomes penicillin)

  • Agaricus section (Section of a mushroom)

  • Lichens foliose body (Leafy body of a Lichen)

  • Plasmodesmata (Cytoplasm connecting adjacent plant cells)

  • Arteries and Veins (Sections of the channels through which blood is transferred)

  • Paramecium caudatum (Fresh water protozoan with oval bod and tail)

  • Anodonta gills ciliated epithelium (Muscle cells of a protozoan)

  • Tilia stem (stem of a Tilia linden tree - with yellowish white flowers)

  • Allium cepa leaf epidermis (Outer cells of an onion leaf )

  • Corpus ventriculi (Portion of the heart which pumps blood outward)

  • Intestin umtenue (Small intestine)

  • Pittosporum glabratum leaf (Smooth leaf of a Pittosporum)

Additional Information

Name Meade - #904 25 Piece Slide Set
Manufacturer Meade
Model 08051
Function 25 Slide set for microscopes
Included Accessories With inventory sheet and case