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Meade - Laser Collimator 1.25 " for LightBridge Dobs and Newtonian Reflectors

Model#: 07401

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Manufactured by: Meade


The Meade Laser Collimator #07401 helps make collimation of even very "fast" Newtonian telescopes quick and easy. Get the most out of your telescope by regularly checking and maintaining critical optical alignment with this easy to use collimation aid. 1.25" barrel diameter.

Provides a bright, obvious laser dot as a visual reference to confirm your optical system is well aligned and performing at its best. Highly precise, this laser reference makes collimation a more rapid process. The adjustments needed become more obvious and effects of bad collimation can be more clearly seen as well.

Telescope optics are precisely aligned at the factory, but transportation, especially shipping, can sometimes induce small or even large misalignments. Incorrect collimation is the number one controllable cause of telescopes not functioning as well as they should. This laser collimator makes it much easier to see and correct any misalignment so you know your telescope is performing at peak capability.

The Meade Laser Collimator works with any 1.25" focuser and is especially recommended for Meade LightBridge or other Dobsonians as well as Meade LXD-75 Schmidt-Newtonian models. Class IIIA Laser Product, Wavelength of 635-670nm.

Product carries full one year Meade limited factory warranty.




USE: Easy collimation of Newtonian and Schmidt-Newtonian models

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Name Meade - Laser Collimator 1.25 " for LightBridge Dobs and Newtonian Reflectors
Manufacturer Meade
Model 07401
Custom Stock Status In Stock