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Orion - Deluxe 100mm f/6.0 Refractor Telescope - DISCONTINUED

Model#: 07338

Discontinued Product

Manufactured by: Orion

Orion - Deluxe 100mm f/6.0 Refractor Telescope - DISCONTINUED


Orion Deluxe 100mm f/6 Refractor
  • 100mm (3.9-inch) aperture and 600mm focal length refractor gobbles up photons for pleasing wide-field performance
  • Perfect for use as a dedicated guide scope - easily resolves faint guide stars
  • Premium 2-inch dual-speed Crayford focuser with linear track bearing for backlash-free precision focus, even with heavy guiding accessories attached!
  • Lightweight at just 7.1 pounds, conveniently portable and easily added to an imaging setup!
  • High quality construction throughout

The Orion Deluxe 100mm f/6.0 refractor OTA is a rugged achromat loaded with luxurious features, making it an excellent telescope for a wide variety of uses. The 100mm aperture optical tube is a light-gathering workhorse capable of providing pleasingly bright nighttime views of celestial objects. The Deluxe 100mm f/6.0 refractor could also be used as a first-rate guide scope for guided astrophotography pursuits with its significant 3.9-inch aperture and moderate focal length of 600mm. This telescope is ideal for targeting faint guide stars, which can be difficult to acquire in smaller aperture instruments.

The Deluxe 100mm OTA is outfitted with great features any visual or imaging enthusiast will appreciate. Fast f/6.0 optics provide detail-rich views with sharp clarity and resolution, especially on wide-field deep-sky objects or star fields. An extendable dew shield provides protection from unwanted peripheral glare and helps prevent dew buildup on the multi-coated objective lens. The extendable dew shield provides ample room for the attachment of tube rings or guide scope rings and the telescope optical tube features an integrated 1/4"-20 threaded mounting block for easy and convenient attachment to field tripods equipped with a 1/4"-20 threaded post for more casual use.

A robust 2-inch Crayford focuser provides dual-speed focus adjustment with 10:1 fine-focus control, meaning one turn of the coarse adjustment knob equals ten turns of the fine-focus knob. Such focus capability is a welcome luxury when scanning the heavens and landscape for subtle features and details, or for acquiring sharp focus on guide stars when used as a guide scope. What's more, the 2-inch focuser features a linear track bearing, which ensures stable and steady focus adjustment, even with heavy visual or imaging accessories attached. A 2-inch-to-1.25-inch eyepiece adapter is included to allow use of 1.25-inch eyepieces and accessories.

The fast focal ratio of the Orion Deluxe 100mm refractor makes it an excellent choice for use as a Guide Scope for guided astrophotography pursuits. Guide stars are easily obtained with the 3.9-inch aperture air-spaced doublet objective lens and the relatively wide field of view provided by the 600mm focal length. The luxurious dual-speed focuser enables you to fine-tune focus on guide stars so your guided astrophotos are of optimal quality.

Not limited to nighttime applications, the Deluxe 100mm f/6.0 can be used as a powerful daytime telescope as well. You'll be amazed at the clear and sharp views provided by this handy refractor during daylight hours. Adding an optional 45-degree correct-image diagonal provides correct daytime orientation of terrestrial subjects and landscapes.

With a weight of just 7.1 lbs and a tube length of 20.6-inches with the dew shield retracted, the Deluxe 100mm refractor is conveniently transportable for remote viewing or imaging sessions at dark sky sites.

Product Specifications:

  • Use Astronomy and terrestrial

  • User level Intermediate

  • Optical design Refractor

  • Optical diameter 100mm

  • Focal length 600mm

  • Focal ratio f/6.0

  • Coatings Multi-coated

  • Optics type Air-spaced doublet

  • Glass material Crown/Flint

  • Eyepieces included None

  • Resolving power 1.16arc*sec

  • Lowest useful magnification 14x

  • Highest useful magnification 200x

  • Limiting stellar magnitude 12.7

  • Optical quality Diffraction Limited

  • Finder scope None

  • Focuser 2in. dual-speed linear bearing Crayford

  • Mount style Optical Tube without Mount

  • Astro-imaging capability Lunar, planetary and long exposure

  • Tube material Aluminum

  • Length of optical tube 20.6 in.

  • Weight, optical tube 7.1 lbs.

  • Additional included accessories Dovetail base for finder, 1.25in. adapter

  • Other features Retractable dew shield, Narrow dovetail with 1/4in.-20 threaded hole, Rotatable focuser

  • Warranty One year







Additional Information

Name Orion - Deluxe 100mm f/6.0 Refractor Telescope - DISCONTINUED
Manufacturer Orion
Model 07338
Discountinued Yes