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Orion - Nautilus Motorized Filter Wheel 4 x 2in. - DISCONTINUED


Discontinued Product

Manufactured by: Orion

Orion - Nautilus Motorized Filter Wheel 4 x 2in. - DISCONTINUED


Orion Nautilus Motorized 4-x2inch Filter Wheel


Now, every imaging session can be as productive as possible with the Nautilus Motorized 4x2" Filter Wheel. Not only does it ensure automatic and trouble free filter transitions for your monochrome imaging setup, but it saves precious imaging time. To easily transition filters for tri-color, RGB or LRGB imaging, just load up to four filters into the Nautilus 4x2" and use your imaging software to change filters automatically. Let your PC do the work while you grab the separate exposures you need through each filter. Versatile threading and adapters provide several attachment methods, including T-threads for focusers with camera adapters, a removable 2" nosepiece to allow maximum field illumination to the camera, and a removable T-thread adapter for camera attachment.


  • Motorized USB filter wheel holds up to four 2" Orion filters for astrophotographic or visual use
  • T-threads on telescope side of filter wheel allows direct attachment to focusers with camera adapters
  • Removable T-thread adapter on camera side allows direct T-thread attachment to imaging cameras
  • Requires an additional 22mm of focus travel, Nautilus measures approx. 6.5" diameter and 1.5" deep
  • Operated by direct USB connection to a PC, Windows 7 and Vista 64-bit compatible, ASCOM compatible


The Nautilus Motorized filter wheels are powered by the USB connection, needing no other cable or power. ASCOM compatible, Windows XP, 7, and Vista 64bit compatible. Consuming a mere 1" of focus travel, the Nautilus 4x2" is ideal for use with a monochrome CCD camera.

Filters are easily changed by removing five screws with the provided hex key. Convenience and time-saving are just the beginning. The Nautilus helps empower your CCD imaging while also setting a new low price standard.





Additional Information

Name Orion - Nautilus Motorized Filter Wheel 4 x 2in. - DISCONTINUED
Manufacturer Orion
Model 05526
Discountinued Yes