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Orion Telescopes

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Are the Orion telescopes best for my needs

If you are looking for a telescope to have the best view of the planetary bodies in the night sky, then the Orion telescopes may be best for your purposes. They are reflector telescopes based upon the Newtonian principle. This means that they collect light with a concave mirror and are able to produce better images of planets and stars. These telescopes collect the most light so they produce the sharpest images.

Where to find Orion telescopes

One of the easiest ways to find any telescopes is to visit They carry the complete line of Orion telescopes as well as many other brands. They also offer some of the best prices available. Their web site even offers a calendar of upcoming astrological events, so you will not miss a single event. You can even subscribe to their RSS feed to keep updated on any upcoming event.

Orion Telescopes

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Why use Orion telescopes?

Orion telescopes use a reflector system that helps produce the clearest images for astrological objects. It comes fully assembled so it can be taken directly from the box and used. With its low cost and ease of use, it is great for children who are just starting to explore the heavens. It is also one of the most portable telescopes, weighing at only 13 pounds when fully assembled and being only 18 inches long.

Specifications for Orion telescopes

There are two different types of Orion telescopes available at The first is the Star Blast 4.5” that is great for first time astronomers. With a weight of only 13 pounds, it is the most portable telescope from Orion. The other telescope is the Sky Quest XT6. This telescope is less portable but offers twice the magnification of the Star Blast. Both of these telescopes are made from the same high quality products and carry the trusted Orion name.

Orion Telescope

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Benefits of the Orion telescope

The Orion telescope offers you everything you need to start gazing at the night sky. They come fully assembled so there is no need to wait before you start using the telescope. They can be used for both astronomy and terrestrial viewing so they are great to take on camping trips where you want to see the night sky, but also want to view the animals living on the nearby vistas.

Owning an Orion telescope

There is nothing easier than owning an Orion telescope. By visiting, you can find the best prices for these lightweight portable telescopes. They offer a complete line of telescopes and even have information on the different types of optical designs. This allows you to choose the best telescope for your needs, whether it be for a child first learning about the stars, to an experienced astronomer who wants to view celestial events.

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