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Meade Telescopes

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Advantages of the Meade telescopes

One of the main advantages of using the Meade telescopes is that they have Light Switch technology. This means that they can align themselves to the night sky without any input from the user. This is great for new astronomers who want to view the night sky but have problems finding the location of events. With this technology, the telescope will find its own location, time, data and level as well as locate and center on the correct stars.

How to find Meade telescopes

By visiting, you can view the entire line of Meade telescopes. They offer some of the best prices available as well as information on the various astronomical events that are happening. You can even subscribe to their RSS feed to keep current on all of the events happening in the night sky. They carry everything you would need to turn your back yard into an astronomical adventure.

Meade Telescope

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Benefits of a Meade telescope

The Meade telescope has some of the best optical surface coatings available. You can also purchase a telescope that comes with Light Switch technology, a revolution in astronomy. This technology lets the telescope adjust itself without the input of the user. This allows even the newest astronomer to find the perfect event in the night sky. I can even provide you with multimedia information, including video and audio commentary, regarding the various celestial bodies that are viewed through the lens.

Purchasing a Meade telescope

When trying to find the best price for a Meade telescope, you should look no further than They offer some of the most competitive pricing available. They even run sales on some of their telescopes that can save you hundreds of dollars on your purchase. They have a complete listing of vital information for each telescope, such as size and weight, so you will know if the telescope you purchase is as portable as you need.

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