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Astronomy Cameras

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Time to Put Away the Film

For many years the only way you could take a decent picture of what you were seeing through your telescope was to attach special fittings to it and attach a top quality 35mm cameras to it. While this did produce very high quality images, you had no way to know whether you actually go the shot or not until you had the film developed and the images printed. Today’s astronomy cameras such as those available at are all digital and offer you several advantages.

Not the least of which is the ability to monitor what the camera is seeing and capture as many images as you want. The pictures are all very clear and by using the right software, you can enlarge and enhance them so that you can see the details very clearly and of course you can print off as many copies as you need to as often as you need them.

Astronomy Cameras

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Taking Your Shots

While gazing at the stars through your favorite patch of night sky can be both fun and educational, you can only gaze for so long. What are you supposed to do if you want to observe a certain area over the course of several hours to track the stars or perhaps a comets passing by. The latest in CCD astronomy cameras makes this much easier for you to do using your telescope and your computer.

The latest in astronomy cameras are designed to attach to easily to your telescope and then send a crystal clear image directly to your computer where it can be recorded for future viewing or where you can magnify the image to get a much better look at what your telescope is pointed at. You will find that we carry a large selection of the latest astronomy cameras at, all at very reasonable prices.

Astronomy Cameras

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Why Use CCD Astronomy Cameras?

There has always been a lot of controversy over the best type of astronomy cameras are going to provide the highest quality pictures. In the days of film cameras it was more about the ASA rating of the film and in some cases the brand of film. Today it is whether the CCD camera is better than using film. In the end it really depends on the person who is taking the pictures and what they expect to get out of them.

Most people have long since switched over to using CCD astronomy cameras such as those available from for a variety of reasons. Cost plays a large part in the decision, but is not the main reason. The simple fact is that with the right software, not only can you capture a top quality image; you can clean it up and create amazing pictures of what you are seeing through the lens of your telescope.

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