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Astronomy Cameras Let You Share Your Observations

Monday, November 28th, 2011

The only thing that could be better than spending hours searching the night sky, studying your favorite planets and constellations, would be the ability to share what you are seeing with others who have the same interests. For many years the only astronomy cameras available were film type and generally this was no more than a 35mm camera mounted on an adaptor plate that let you take single pictures.

Modern astronomy cameras are CCD video cameras that have been designed specifically for use with telescopes and are capable of taking both single pictures and video recordings that can show a meteor shower in all of its glory with such clarity that you can stream the images online to anyone who shares your interest. You can even take these amazingly crisp images, load them onto a USB flash drive and have your local print shop turn them into stunning posters for your wall or to give away as gifts.

Digital Astronomy Cameras Give You Far Better Images

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

During the years when film was the only medium we had to capture pictures of what your telescope was pointed at, you used a big bulk mount and a 35 mm camera to get a decent picture. If you wanted a super high quality picture you had to spend thousands on a camera and lenses. Today you can buy digital astronomy cameras from at a fraction of the cost that take pictures that are as good as if not better than those you capture with film.

There are several advantages to modern digital astronomy cameras including being able to use your PC to monitor what your telescope is seeing. They produce superior quality imaged and thanks to advanced software, you can enlarge and enhance them so that you can see the details very clearly and of course you can print off as many copies as you need to as often as you need them.

Top Reasons to Use the Latest CCD Astronomy Cameras

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Over the years there has often been a question concerning what of the different astronomy cameras delivers the best image. Until the advent of the digital camera the discussions centered on the speed of the film you should be using, the best lens and of course which brand of camera was the best choice. Today the biggest question is whether the CCD digital camera or the film camera takes a better picture.

Most people have begun switched over to using CCD astronomy cameras such as those available from for a variety of reasons. The actual cost plays a large part in the decision, but is not the main reason. The fact is that with the right software, not only can you capture a top quality image; you can clean it up and create amazing pictures of what you are seeing through the lens of your telescope.

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