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The Galaxies on Your Computer Screen with an Astronomy Camera

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

For the avid astronomer there is something very magical about what they see through the lens of their telescope. The hardest part of this magic is trying to share it with others who are not there to see it. Imagine seeing Haley’s Comet as it passed by and not being able to share the sight with someone else because they were not there to see it. If you had a CCD astronomy camera, you could share the images you are seeing with anyone who has a computer, whether they are connected to the Internet or not.

Once you capture and save you images that you have captured with your astronomy camera, you can share them online, print them out or load them up on a flash drive to take with you anywhere you go. This is something you could never do with a film type camera and has opened up a whole new world of sharing to the serious astronomer.

The Right Astronomy Camera Opens Up Incredible Possibilities

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

While sitting at your telescope studying your favorite planet can be a lot of fun, being able to share it in unique ways with your friends and family can be even more fun. How can you share what you are looking at with others? The simplest way is to add a digital astronomy camera to your telescope that will let you capture what you are looking at on your computer.

Image being able to take the pictures your astronomy camera has captured and turn them into this year’s Christmas cards that you are sending out to all of your friends and family. How about taking twelve of your favorite picture and creating a calendar for next year, what a great and unique gift to give away at the holidays. You will find that has a fantastic selection of digital astronomy cameras for you to choose from, at very affordable prices.

The Right Astronomy Camera Can Capture the Stars

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

As you gaze at the night sky, you are going to find that from time to time there are moments that you want to be able to capture and save forever. With a little research, you can find specially designed to allow you to mount your digital camera directly to the eyepiece end of you telescope. But if you want to be able to capture a picture that you can share online, you many need the latest astronomy camera available.

Today you will find that there are numerous different types of astronomy camera to choose from, those that capture some of the best images are the ones that are designed to mount right on the eyepiece of your telescope. At we carry a large selection of CCD digital cameras for you to choose from that can be connected directly to your laptop or computer so that you can keep an accurate record of the stars or planets you are studying.

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