The Orion Telescope Comes From Decades of Excellence

The Orion Telescope Company got its start in life as a mail order company that had a large selection telescopes for sale in 1975. The catered to hobby astronomers as well as those who counted star gazing as a major part of their lives. This lasted until 1999 when they teamed up with Imaginova to produce some of the finest telescopes currently available with an emphasis on entry level models.

Just because there is a large selection of inexpensive Orion Telescopes available, don’t be fooled by the price. They keep the bulk of their prices down in order to bring more people into the hobby. If you look closely you will find more than one professional astronomer who has an Orion Telescope such as those available at in their home or even hiding in the trunk of their car for those moments when the sky is clear and inspiration strikes.

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