Orion Telescopes

Are the Orion telescopes best for my needs

If you are looking for a telescope to have the best view of the planetary bodies in the night sky, then the Orion telescopes may be best for your purposes. They are reflector telescopes based upon the Newtonian principle. This means that they collect light with a concave mirror and are able to produce better images of planets and stars. These telescopes collect the most light so they produce the sharpest images.

Where to find Orion telescopes

One of the easiest ways to find any telescopes is to visit www.telescopes.net. They carry the complete line of Orion telescopes as well as many other brands. They also offer some of the best prices available. Their web site even offers a calendar of upcoming astrological events, so you will not miss a single event. You can even subscribe to their RSS feed to keep updated on any upcoming event.

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