Vixen Telescopes

Why choose Vixen telescopes?

Vixen telescopes have some of the easiest operation of any telescope on the market. With a simple joystick controller, you can adjust your angle of viewing with the simple flick of your wrist. It even comes with a portable desktop design so you can use it with or without a tripod. This allows you to take it with you in almost any situation and view the night sky from almost any location. To see all of the different features offered by Vixen, please visit for more information.

AX103S Vixen telescope’s features

The AX103S Vixen telescopes have a light gathering power of 217x. This means that you can see most celestial bodies in the natural colors, baring atmospheric interference. They also have a tube weight of only 10.1 pounds, so they are light enough to carry anywhere. Can you imagine taking a camping trip to the deserts of Arizona and being able to see the night sky without any city light interference?

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