Orion Telescopes

Why use Orion telescopes?

Orion telescopes use a reflector system that helps produce the clearest images for astrological objects. It comes fully assembled so it can be taken directly from the box and used. With its low cost and ease of use, it is great for children who are just starting to explore the heavens. It is also one of the most portable telescopes, weighing at only 13 pounds when fully assembled and being only 18 inches long.

Specifications for Orion telescopes

There are two different types of Orion telescopes available at www.telescopes.net. The first is the Star Blast 4.5” that is great for first time astronomers. With a weight of only 13 pounds, it is the most portable telescope from Orion. The other telescope is the Sky Quest XT6. This telescope is less portable but offers twice the magnification of the Star Blast. Both of these telescopes are made from the same high quality products and carry the trusted Orion name.

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