Celestron Telescopes

Features of the Celestron telescopes

Celestron telescopes are fully computerized so that you will always be able to aim them in the correct direction. It even comes with a 4,000-object database so you will be able to identify most of the celestial objects that you view. They also come fully assembled so they can be used right out of the box, a blessing for anyone who wants to start viewing the night sky immediately.

NexStar 114 GT Celestron telescopes

The NexStar 114 GT Celestron telescopes are some of the most advanced telescopes you can purchase, especially for the amateur astronomer. With their comprehensive database, they allow you to identify celestial object on your first try. They even come with a motorized mount that makes adjusting the telescope a breeze. To see the NexStar 114 GT telescope by Celestron, please visit www.telescopes.net. There you can see all of the vital statistics as well as receive suggestions on mounting your new telescope.

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