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Meade Telescopes: The Meade ETX Telescope

Meade has been making telescopes for as long as anybody can remember. Few lines of Meade telescopes have proven as popular as the Meade ETX telescope. This is called “Everybody’s Telescope” for good reason. It is one of the easiest telescopes on the market to use, for starters, and it brings about simplified construction to make it available to, as the name suggests, everybody. The ETX actually started out as a part of the Maksutov-Cassegraine line of telescopes from Meade, but it evolved into the ETX after mass production allowed for simplification.

The Meade ETX Telescope and Other Meade Telescopes

The ETX certainly is one of the most popular brands of Meade telescopes for a reason, but the company has created a number of products that exceed what the ETX can do. More experienced users would get more out of a more advanced model, to be sure, but many love the simple approach that the ETX takes to telescope use. For more information on the ETX, Meade products in general, and other product lines, check out

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