Meade Telescope

Select a Meade Telescope from a Wide Array of Choices

If you are looking for a Meade telescope, look no further than Woodland Hills Cameras and Telescopes. The high quality, high performance Meade products are featured in Woodland’s inventory. A quick glance at their website will show you a special that is worth serious consideration – “Buy LX200®/LX90™ Series 24mm UWA + 2” Diagonal Get Meade 24mm Ultra-Wide Angle (UWA) eyepiece ($249 value) and Series 5000™ premium 2-inch diagonal ($149 value).” This deal runs until June 30, 2011.

Gaze at the Heavens through a Meade Telescope

Choosing the right Meade telescope for yourself can be made a bit difficult due to the wide variety that Woodland Hills Cameras and Telescopes has to offer – Meade Achromatic Refractor, Meade Advanced Coma-Free, Meade Advanced Ritchey-Chretien, Meade Apochromatic Refractor, Meade Dobsonian, Meade Maksutov-Cassegrain, Meade Newtonian Reflector, Meade Refractor, Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain, and Meade Schmidt-Newtonian. Do you get the point now? You can check it all out online at

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