January 27, 2011

Vixen Telescopes: The A70Lf 70mm Achromatic Refractor

A great thing about this refractor is that it is inexpensive and is still a great quality Vixen telescope. This telescope has the same quality glass and workmanship seen in larger and more advanced Vixen telescopes. That makes the A70Lf a great starter telescope for amateurs interested in looking at the stars. Many people start on this telescope before moving up because it is offers great value for the money. With this achromatic refractor from Vixen, you can see craters and mountains on the moon, the rings of Saturn and storms on Jupiter. With the help of star charts you can find an array of double stars and other objects in the sky.

What is Included with this Vixen Telescope

This refractor comes with a 45x and a 143x eyepiece and has an objective diameter of 70mm. If you decide to purchase this telescope from Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes, the new Mini-Porta mount, which comes equipped with two fine adjustment handles for whole-circle motion in both directions. This helps you search for and track stars in the sky. This mount will help amateurs steady the telescope and get the most out of their experience from their Vixen telescope. If you have any questions or are interested in Vixen telescopes, visit Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes online today.

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