Double Opposition of Jupiter and Uranus, September 21, 2010

On September 21, Jupiter and Uranus will both reach opposition, when they are closest to Earth and opposite the sun. Outer planets are best seen when at opposition, but these two together will be an amazing event.

They will be up in Pisces all night, rising as the sun sets and setting as the sun rises. The bright Jupiter will be easily visible to the naked eye, though an especially interesting view can be seen right now with binoculars or a telescope: Jupiter has currently lost its south equatorial band, making the Great Red Spot stand out very clearly. This has happened 15 times since 1919, but doesn’t occur regularly, and could ‘fix’ itself at any time, though it could just as easily take a couple of years.

At the same time, Uranus reaches its opposition, just about a degree away from Jupiter. Because of the nearly-full harvest moon around the same time, spotting Uranus with the naked eye will be nearly impossible, but it should be easily seen with binoculars.This event is an auspicious astrological event, supposedly preceding a major scientific breathrough or other drastic global change, but even if you don’t follow astrology, this will be an amazing event that you don’t want to miss. This Jupiter-Uranus double opposition won’t occur again until 2037, 27 years from now.

Jupiter and Uranus
Jupiter is in proximity to the planet Uranus all month and is a great starting point for location Uranus. By September 18th, Jupiter and Uranus are less than 0°50’ from each other and they both reach opposition on the same date, September 21st!

Please Note: The above article is made possible by the research and writing of JJ Stamm - Thank you JJ

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