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Vixen Telescopes

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Woodland Hills Cameras and Telescopes is one of the major sources of Vixen telescopes and accessories in North America. It holds the distinction of being one of Vixen’s “Gold Dealers.” Vixen has been manufacturing telescopes in Japan since 1949 and is the leading brand in the island nation. It produces a varied selection of telescopes and related products, all of which can be found in Woodland’s inventory and online shopping site.

Vixen Telescopes Are a High Quality Line

Vixen telescopes are known as unique, high quality products. Woodland Hills Cameras and Telescopes can offer you Vixen telescopes and mounts regardless of your user level. Vixen makes a wide variety of Reflector Telescopes and Refractor Telescopes. Both types of telescopes are available in starter models and this means it is a great way to launch a new hobby. The company also offers a really good warranty. So remember, if you have a Vixen in mind, go to Woodland Hills at

Meade Telescopes

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Choose Meade Telescopes

There are a number of different brand names of telescopes, that’s for sure. With so many different types and styles out there, it can be hard for sky-gazers to settle on one. But few brands have the solid background and reputation as Meade telescopes. These telescopes have been pleasing sky-watchers for ages now, ensuring that the clearest and most vivid vision of the sky’s wonders come to life each time you stare through the lens.

Buying Meade Telescopes Online

You may not have ever thought of buying a telescope online, but Woodland Hills Camera and Telescopes is a terrific place to start. Buying Meade telescopes online has never been easier thanks to Woodland Hills’ remarkable website. You can compare Meade’s products with other products and similar telescopes to make an educated selection. Not only does Woodland Hills sell telescopes, they also supply accessories and cases from Meade that you can use to enrich your collection. For more information, check out the website online at

Vixen Telescopes

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Choosing Vixen Telescopes

There are a lot of different companies making telescopes, no question about it. Vixen has been making telescopes since 1949. It is the number one brand of telescope in Japan. With a wide selection of products that includes telescopes, binoculars, scopes, and mounts, Vixen is one of the most unique telescope companies I’ve come across. They are responsible for introducing a “go-to” mount for their Vixen telescopes, a piece of equipment that is ubiquitous today.

Buying Vixen Telescopes

Believe it or not, Vixen is named after Santa’s reindeer of the same name. The idea behind the name is pretty simple: happiness. Vixen telescopes exist to bring happiness to users, so the company has decided on a light-hearted approach to business. They are exceptional in terms of qualifications and products, of course, but they offer fun as well. For more on Vixen’s products and telescopes of various other varieties, check out Woodland Hills Camera and Telescopes online at

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